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Getting Started

To enroll in any of the courses within the International Association of Chiefs of Police Online Training, you must first register by clicking on "Create An Account" on the home page or click here. Once approved, you can then login using the username (email address) and password you created as part of the Account Setup process and register for courses. If you do not receive an email message confirming your registration within 2 business days after setting up an account, please contact us at

Once you have set up an account and received approval, you are able to enroll in courses. To do so, simply login and select the course you are interested in from the list of available courses. You will be provided information and an introduction on the course content. If you are interested in taking the course click "Login to register For This Course" from the course details.

Each course may have a pre-test and or questionnaire on the course subject that will be completed during the registration process. Once complete, your course will be automatically added to your account or be sent to IACP staff for approval. Each course will note if there is a course registration approval required. If the course requires approval, you will be notified when you have been approved for the course.

Once approved, or automatically enrolled in the course, the title will appear in your "My Courses" section. Click on the "View Course Dashboard" link to be taken to your course progress page. This page shows your current progress in the course and has a link to launch the course.

Once you begin a course, you can work at your own pace and take breaks whenever you want. To exit a training module, click on the "X" or "LogOut" at the top right corner of the page This will save your progress. To resume, return to the My Account page and launch the course to resume. Depending on the training you may have to view each section in order. Feel free to go back to review but you may not be able to advance forward until you have completed viewing the material or completing the activity. Each course has a help button if you experience issues while viewing the material. Additionally, some courses may have reference material you can download for future reference.

Once you have completed a course, you will have the opportunity to download a personalized certificate of completion. From your My Courses view it will show the status of the course. Once the course shows completed, you can download the PDF certificate from the course detail page. Note: some courses require IACP review of your submitted work before completing the course. If this is the case you will be notified by email when your completion has been approved and the certificate is available for download. Once complete, you can go back into the course to review material and access the reference material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Active, law enforcement are eligible for all courses. Some courses are also open to school safety officials and allied criminal justice professionals. Each course description defines the audience for that topic. Some course content is restricted to active, law enforcement only.

Approvals generally one to two business days, but may be delayed if the IACP is closed. You will get an e-mail of the result. If you do not see an e-mail, review your account status on the website.

Once your course work is approved, you can print your certificate from your "course dashboard" page.

Once this review is complete, your course can be approved, or sent back, if there are missing responses.

Help & Support

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  • Monday-Friday: 8am to 5pm Eastern
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  • Federal Holidays: Closed

System Requirements

Internet Connection
Training on this site utilizes audio and video narration. A broadband connection or better is recommended to view the training without excessive load times. Your internet connection must also allow playing of flash video and audio. Some agencies will routinely block this access at the firewall. If your program does not load correctly, first make sure all of the required plug-ins are installed and updated, then contact your IT for a firewall exception. In most cases users discover that it is a easier process to view this training from home.

Browser Compatibility
All major browsers updated to the most recent versions are supported (chrome is preferred ). Ensure that JavaScript is Enabled and Pop Up Blocker is disabled for this site.

Required Plug-ins
This training program presents information in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and Flash. Click the links below to update these two programs on your PC. In some cases this may require your IT department to update depending on your agency policy.
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